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Invoice financing or also known as e-invoicing services. Three parties are involved.

When you do an assignment for a foreign company (not in your current residential state or Great Britain) these companies can’t / or will not pay you under their country’s employment laws and the wage structure of your country isn’t always adapted or beneficial to your circumstances.

You have an assignment in consulting, management, formations, ... a contract as an IT specialist? You are a musician and have a big international tour to do but do not have the structure légale to complete this assignment? Invoice financing or e-invoicing is just right for you.

Collect & Pay LTD can invoice the company that employs you for the assignment they have given you. All your services with your usual clients are done in the same way but when it comes to invoicing them you hand over your debtors to Collect & Pay LTD.

Indeed in Great Britain an individual can invoice a company. He / she does not have to have a company and be registered so the afore-mentioned company can deduct the invoices in the same way as it would for invoices from its suppliers. You can therefore invoice us directly for the work carried out during your assignments in another country that does not allow this kind of flexibility.

If you only receive payments for your services from time to time and do not want to set up your own company, Collect & Pay LTD can deal with your needs.

Apart from the cost of creating your own company and administering it, dealing with invoicing, banking, preparing annual accounts, transfers, etc, all this is very time consuming and expensive. This is why Collect & Pay LTD allows you to do away with all this extra work and let you concentrate on your main activities.

Easy set up

Collect & Pay LTD invoices your client and then transfers you the amount of the invoice paid less the banking fees and a 10 % charge to cover its administration costs there is also a fixed rate of 100 €uros for each invoice.

The money will be transferred to your account in your country of residence, after which it is for you to complete the appropriate Tax Returns for your country. The object is not to hide your income as you are legally required to declare all your income in your home state, but to give you the means of invoicing your clients for all the assignments that are offered to you. This is what invoice financing is for.

Advantages :

  • No need to set up your own company,
  • No worries about running your company,
  • Low fees and proportional to your income.

Total cost = 100 € + 10 % of the total invoice + bank fees

By using invoice financing / e-invoicing services, you can devote all your time to your work and thanks to this flexibility you no longer have to ask yourself if the assignment and ways of being paid are feasible !

The only documents that you need to provide are :

  • your full details with copy of your passport (or ID card),
  • a recent proof of residential address,
  • bank details,
  • your clients full details,
  • full details of your assignment (hours worked, expenses, etc..),
  • total to be invoiced,

and we will establish the invoice that we will send to them together with our bank details for receiving a bank transfer.

Only when we have been paid will we let you know and we will then transfer to your nominated account the net amount of your invoice minus the 10 % admin charge, bank fees and the 100 €uros fixed rate.

It is the ideal solution for individuals offering personal services, apart from regulated professions, or just to receive a commission for something that you have sold for a company. The company will have an invoice for services which will be deductible. All you have to do is declare the amount you received from Collect & Pay LTD.

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